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High Review

They are always very warm, and welcoming; they are also very gracious when it comes to letting there homeless come inside to warm up. I have had nothing but the best of experience. I would definitely say Denny's is a warm, clean, and friendly place for a quick delious bite.
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Low Review

I unwrapped my fork and knife. Crumbs came out of my napkin. My eggs were very cold. My French toast was still raw in several areas and was also cold. The table was sticky. My bacon was overly done and still cold. My sausages tasted like rubber. The frosting for the pancake puppies did not even stick to the puppies. The steak was cooked through, at least this time all though when it got to us it was cold. When I go for breakfast I want it warm and clean. I could not enjoy my meal. :(
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