Santa Ramen

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1944 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403, USA

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High Review

Excellent Ramen and great service. I had Miso and Tonkotsu based broth blend ramen. Soup(broth) varieties are amazing!!! Soy, Miso, and Pork(Tonkotsu) everything rich and flavorful, definitely you’ll find perfect match-ups fits to your needs, Also you can choose the spice level of your soup. Spice lover will love it.
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Low Review

Ordered the pork cheek ramen in pork broth. Ingredients were good as expected, nothing special or unusual. They do not have the highly anticipated seasoned/flavored soft boiled egg, so I added the hard boiled egg. The mild pork broth met the usual standard. I hope no one thinks 3 stars is bad. I rated it 3 stars as a baseline or neutral standard for the service and quality/taste of the food in relation to the price range and type of establishment. Everything met my standard. This was not the first time I've visited, but I remember the first visit was more positive in terms of the quality.
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