Pho V & V Vietnamese Restaurant

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5434 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409, USA

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High Review

My husband and I stopped in for dinner. We ABSOLUTELY loved it. The owner was nothing but nice to the both of us. He even let us use the restroom so I’m not too sure why he would be so “rude” to others, whom have said differently. Maybe it’s because those people needed some sort of reality check, either way, all the comments I have read about this place were total malarkey. Please support the local restaurants around where we live, they depend on us. Don’t let a few bad reviews turn you away. If we would have listened, we would have missed out on their delicious Pho and spectacular jazz music.
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Low Review

OWNER/SERVER is mean & nasty & MOST OF ALL rude. Food is OLD, bland & skimmed portions. Building is UNSANITARY, dated, antiquated AND A TOTAL DISMAY. DRIVE a few more miles to any of the other Pho restaurant save yourself the nightmares you will have after visiting this place. I eat out 2x a week and I have never been treated with blatant nastier service in all my life. I'd rather eat dog food than come back there. I entered the restaurant at about 4p on a Thursday, the place was empty. I got a nasty look from the short owner UPON ENTERING. I thought it was in my head so I proceeded to walk up to the counter and ask for a menu. He seemed like he didnt want give me one. Oddly enough, I still thought it was in my head so I still asked questions about his selections of pho choices. Without making eye contact, he mumbled something I didnt understand. At this point I just ordered the #3 steak pho since I was hungry &while waiting on my food all I could think of is pls hurry so I can get out of this miserable place!
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