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8051 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97202, USA

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High Review

Oh man! I've lived around the corner from this place and for whatever reason haven't visited. This place shocked me, its very inconspicuous from the outside.... Beautiful European elegance on the inside. Massive wine list, although didn't see much local which I would have love to see more of. Food is off the chain, I had the mixed seafood bowl and woo.... Amazing. Garlic bread also amazing. Cheese plate sub-par comparably to the norm, but not a disappointment. I could see this place having a huge wait list, but thankfully we got in on a slow time Wednesday evening. Despite it being kind of slow we weren't greeted by a sever for a while once swayed, but not long enough to complain about. Totally coming back to this place. Thank you for the hospitality!
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Low Review

Love this place so much! It's an iconic location for Sellwood! Outdoor seating, great bar and very creative dining room! Got some take out today for the first time (Vodka pasta and G-ma Jeans pasta). Awesome flavor both, I think at least, but ridiculously salty! ..and I'm not even that salt sensitive! I feel if the salt were taken down several notches, this would truly be great! It must have been an error of some kind that's not normal. I can't imagine anyone enjoying that. I'll definitely give it another shot to be sure, but first time around was questionable. All the best guys and I'll be in to try again!!
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