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2810 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406, USA

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High Review

Wow, Great experience! It is spendy, know that going in, and enjoy some amazing off the chart food. Appetizer, dinner, and deserts; all outstanding! Professional wait staff, cool atmosphere, fun crowd!
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Low Review

Good food, server is a thief! I had recently purchasedI a new BMW from the local dealer. As a gift they gave me a $75 gift certificate to this restaurant. I had not eaten there in a while and I was delighted. A month had passed and I took my wife and her daughter there for dinner. As we were seated I presented the gift card to the server as written on the card. I ordered a large steak for 2 and appetizers for us. The server came back and said the steak was not available. I had already been considering the 3 course dinner for 4 as I wanted the variety. I changed my order knowing we couldn’t eat it all but there would be others meeting us when we got home. The food was good and everything was packed up to go. I received the bill, $298. and change. This was correct. I put 3 $100 bills in the check presenter. I handed it to the server and said I was not credited for my gift card. She said “ That’s right, I have it in my pocket” ( odd? ) She then returned with the gift card credit on a new slip, along with 2 $100s and a $20. I flagged her over to show her she took $80 cash and credited me $75 for my gift card. Then she said that I put 2 $100s and 1 $20 down. I have absolutely no doubt that they were 3 $100 bills. I don’t handle $100 bills carelessly. I clearly remember seeing them, there is not the slightest doubt in my mind. What she does not know is that before going to the restaurant we were trying to come up with change for our own cash register and had already established that there is nothing but $100 bills in the money in my pocket. My wife and I would have had to have missed it when we were searching for change and I would have had to have my mind playing tricks on me as I carefully made sure there were 3 and not 4 $100 bills when I laid them down. In the end I was going to leave them a $50 tip and by not tipping them I am only out $25. The fact remains that the server intended to forget that she had the gift card in her pocket and then a $ 100 bill magically turned into a $20 when I called her on it. There is not a doubt in my mind.
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