The Old Spaghetti Factory

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1250 Pacific Ave #101, Tacoma, WA 98402, USA

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High Review

Our family has always enjoyed the old spaghetti factory. We’ve had consistently good experiences at multiple locations over the years but today the old spaghetti factory in Tacoma raised the bar! We had my son’s ninth birthday party at the Tacoma restaurant with about 10 little wild boys. Our waitress was Catherine. Catherine if you are listening, a thousand thanks! She clearly knew the drill and was completely prepared. With that many young children you can imagine the potential for chaos but Catherine had a plan and we proceeded through our event beautifully. She even had candles and a lighter, which I had forgotten to bring. She queued the cake, the birthday song and timed it all with the ice cream after completely preparing the table. Other staff even offered to take a few pix for us. My husband and I have had birthday parties for children at restaurants before and have never experienced such a seamless event. It truly made it enjoyable for me, the mother, usually the most stressed out person at the party. Not today! I highly recommend the old spaghetti factory for any family events and ask for Catherine!
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Low Review

We were taken past at least a dozen empty tables and seated in a back room filled with tables marked "reserved." It was fine for the first 15 minutes or so, until a group of 20 to 30 took over the room for a party. I'm not sure why they seated us there, as there were plenty of tables when we arrived and when we left. Food was decidedly mediocre: brownish iceberg lettuce "salad" and sub-Olive Garden pasta. Edible, but definitely not worth the price. I'm not sure how it has so many rave reviews, but it shouldn't.
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