Mongkok Glorietta 5

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Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


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High Review

We ate there - 04/06/2019 Dinner time.The service is delightful. Waiters have initiatives to refill our glasses with water and automatically gave us tissue when we accidentally spilled few soy sauce in our table. Guy waiters are friendly. They look like OJTs but they are very attentive in our requests and approachable. We ordered congee, chicken in mango sauce and siomai. We will definitely come back because of the service.
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Low Review

They open at 10:00, I got there at 11:30. They refused to let customers in or take orders because their cashier hasn't arrived yet. The chef/kitchen crew and waiters were in, so I offered suggestions on how they can manually take orders just so the business runs but it seemed like the rest of the crew wasn't intrested in any BAU work around and were too comfortable lounging.
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