Cham Garden Korean BBQ

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10518 S Tacoma Way #5400, Lakewood, WA 98499, USA

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High Review

AWESOME FOOD! Very reasonable pricing! Staff is very helpful and accommodating. Clean and decent place. Perfect for family and friends. Though sometimes you’ll have to wait to be seated but who cares! Only proves that it’s a VERY GOOD restaurant!
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Low Review

Mostly meat shavings you have to fry yourself... some canned peaches and a few non-meat items, but not much so can't consider it a buffet. No desert, no veggies, no fruit except the peaches. Each soda is $2.69. Servers unenthusiastic. Dinner for 2 is around $50. But the part we didn't like is you have to cook it yourself and it was hard work, the frying surface was very small, and meat slivers had to be continuously moved and flipped... we were scrambling and stressed... just not much room on the frying surface. It wasn't well lit, so we could not see if our chicken scraps were cooked, and the onions and mushrooms never seemed to cook,. after frying 3 small batches of fried meat pieces, a charred residue had built up on the cooking surface and smoked out my dinner guest badly so we left. I guess that's a good way to ensure guests don't stay too long or eat too much. It was kinda interesting, but almost pure meat and msg. I'm fairly sure they are paying for good reviews, or doing the reviews themselves!! Seriously-- it was dismal.
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