Hot Rod Dog

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1742 Pacific Ave # 405, Tacoma, WA 98402, USA


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High Review

Very nice experience here. All beef frank, good bun, and a nice selection of condiments. Nice clean environment, and a very pleasant owner. Too bad the parking is so limited here. Still if you’re near the university campus, or visiting the museum, this is a neat stop.
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Low Review

Though it truly pains me to slam a local business, I had a 1 star experience. The sausage itself was fine but it was served on a cold costco hoagie roll that left you with a very poor dog to bun ratio and if you order it with cream cheese they just hand you a little single serving packet for you to squeeze onto the dog yourself. To make matters worse they didn't offer grilled onions, which seems a little insane to me. It wasn't the worst lunch I've ever had, but dogs are simply not gourmet, as is claimed on the sign. In fact, I would rate them lower than the dogs I've purchased from the little carts at ball games and such.
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