Farrelli's Pizza, Pt. Ruston

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5104 Grand Loop A, Ruston, WA 98407, USA

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High Review

I normally always come here every other weekend with friends, we all normally sit in the bar. The wait time is minimal if your group is 4 people. Any more then you'll have to wait between 30-45min. But that's only if you come around 5-6pm which in that case I'd recommend placing a reservation. I do know in the summer they don't allow reservations to be placed. The restaurant I'd say is more for older people (18+) because other people in the restaurant be having interesting conversations with which other, so don't bring your kids here unless they know not to swear. It does get rather loud when there's a game on, which I recommend getting a Corona and a lemon margarita for drinks. Over all I really enjoy coming here. I've been coming for the past 4 years now and I don't plan to stop. Also remember to validate your parking when you get seated, otherwise you'll get a ticket like I did lol.
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Low Review

Horrible experience. Called in with a party and they said they could seat is upon arrival. They lied. We walked in 20 minutes later and were told it would be a 20 minute wait... They said they only had one server on a Saturday night. Why they didn't tell us this on the phone is ridiculous. They also handled it very non apologetically. I will not go back to a place with such poor service. We went next door to Magnuson and had a much better experience.
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