Tidal Raves Seafood Grill

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279 US-101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341, USA

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High Review

Fantastic place right on the water. Amazing views from every table if the water and surrounding cliffs. The food was excellent and the service was the best that I've had on this part of the coast. Absolutely would go back!
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Low Review

We visited for my parents 38th wedding Anniversary. It was a huge special occasion and we were ready to spend money. The food was amazing! We loved everything we were served! What we absolutely hated was how we were treated from the moment we sat down. We were greeted by a server named Brandi, we immediately told her about the special event we were here for. Guess what she did???? Immediately dismissed us! We were literally treated like we were at a fast food restaurant the entire evening! She was smug, short, and unprofessional. After talking with her supervisor, she then had the audacity to approach us and confront us about our issues!!! Are you kidding me? You want to start an argument with your paying customers!? The management quickly removed her as our server, to our our delight and the remaining of our evening was fantastic! I would have happily rated this a 5 star, but clearly she needs to go and reevaluate her career choices! You ruined a special evening because of your poor attitude! You should not be allowed to work in such an amazing restaurant!
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