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3314, 17005 Southcenter Pkwy, Tukwila, WA 98188, USA

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High Review

Every thing was handled with care. Super good and fast. Everyone I spoke with was so nice. The cost of food vs what you get, you come out the winner. A big plus for me they deliver. My Fridays will include this place for awhile.
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Low Review

Should have listened to my instinct. We were the only people eating at the height of the dinner rush. Walked into the restroom to see cobwebs on the ceiling. Those things should have closed the deal, and we should have walked. Nope. One bad decision was followed by another as we actually ordered food. When it arrived, it was obvious from the color, smell, taste and texture that the grease in their frier probably hasnt been changed since the Bush Administration. The fried rice was more dark brown/black than tan. Sweet and sour pork was overcooked and tasted old. We barely could stomach a third of our meal, and when we told the waitress how horrible it was, she did not respond with any concern. As we walked out, I noticed the 2 foot wide traffic trail of grease buildup on the carpet. We are from put of state, but if I lived here and they PAID me to eat their food, I wouldn't take the job without negotiating hazard pay. Just glad we didn't get food poisoning.
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