Aviateur French Diner

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1498 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402, USA


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High Review

Fantastic service! Incredible food! Ambience a plenty! Everything we had was amazing, French onion soup, burger, beef bourguignon, macaroons and bread pudding.
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Low Review

We came for just dessert but after looking at the menu and experiencing the ambiance of the restaurant we asked ourselves how we did not notice this place before. Our dessert was their version of bread pudding which was lackluster and I would not order it again. But what was memorable was the service. They treated us like we were getting entrees and the whole nine yards which was very impressive. Kudos to the wait staff/servers for being so courteous and professional. If you desire nice, romantic atmosphere this would be a wise choice. The setting is very relaxing and quiet, perfect to strike up a conversation and not have many distractions.
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