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1376 9th Ave #2309, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA

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Delivery is always quick and accurate
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Low Review

I was going to only give it 3 stars but the staff saved a star. Hete is why they didn,t get 5 stars. The rice was stiff and looked old. The gravy was watery. I was offered water after almost 10 minutes. I had sunny side up eggs, when I perfer over easy. I shouldn't have to say anything. The waitress should of asked. Also, the menu gave me the option of either mac salad or green salad. Again the waitress just assumed. I had to add salt. The hamburger patties were then and pre-formed. The macaroni salad had pre-shredded carrots and two tiny pieces of some type of meat. Also, not enough gravy and I had to ask for more. What saved the 4th star was the waitress was very polite, service was quick, and I was given extra gravy when I asked. She was very polite. So, if you are near this restaurant I suggest you try this Hawaiian style restaurant.
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