The Chili Parlor

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5640 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409, USA

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High Review

Great food! Great prices! Awesome People! While there is no parking lots, there is street parking. Everything is reasonably priced. The Cincinnati chili is very good, but they also have other things on the menu. Retro diner, but also very neighborly, as they remember their customers! You can also sign for a points system through the 5 Star system and get gift certificates and other rewards.
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Low Review

I really wanted to like it, I really tried. Especially since the woman there is so friendly. I tried the spaghetti 3 ways. The spaghetti noodles were beyond overcooked, a very mushy consistency. They sat in the plate in a pool of water. Very unflavorful and bland chili glopped on top of this watery, mushy mess. The only thing good was the saltine cracker packages given with the meal to sprinkle on top of your spaghetti "soup." I couldn't finish it, as hard as I tried because I didn't want to disappoint the lady there. She needs a different chef in the kitchen.
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