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It was great I got a pretty great drink unless you hate caffeine you really should come here
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Low Review

They reported my card lost or stolen and then acted as if they didn't know there was an error. We went in and ordered one day and they took a little longer to process the payment from our app, which wasn't a big deal. Then they told us there was no money on the card and asked if we could pay cash. So we did, even though we knew there was money on the card. Fast forward, I tried using the card the next day at a different shop and they said they couldn't do the payment because an error. The woman said she'd give me the order free because it was some error on their end. Then a manager comes over and starts acting weird and says I have to pay cash. Luckily I had it. They gave me a number to call. I call the number and come to find out the Tukwila store had reported the card lost or stolen. I know this bc the customer service rep said it was entered in from a register at that store. So when the guy was looking all confused and suggested that my phone was causing the app to show money when there supposedly wasn't any, actually the code was reading lost or stolen after something he did at the register! So essentially I had to get a completely new card and have my balance transferred which took awhile on the phone. And now I know why the Dash Point manager was treating me like I did something wrong. I did get $10 added for the inconvenience but we all know that's basically one drink with some change.
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