Paesan Kitchen & Bar

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1701 Dock St, Tacoma, WA 98402, USA

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High Review

A casual, low-key place to hang out with espresso, wood-fired pizza and gelato. Their wood fire stove is very impressive and the first thing you notice when walking in to the restaurant. Go for the food, you won't be disappointed!
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Low Review

I'll start by saying their lunch and dinner items look fantastic. But this review is solely based off their breakfast. My wife and I ordered 2 Denver Frittatas and a Belgian Waffle. The frittata was mediocre at best. I once bought in the freezer aisle a frozen frittata that you microwave. This tasted right there on par to it. It was made to order but lacked a special taste to it. The Belgian Waffle is were things really went downhill. Our first one (you can already tell things are not going to be good when you start by numbering), was way to crispy. You could actually snap it off by the pieces. So we asked kindly if we may have a different one after demonstrating how it was. The waitress took it back and we got another. It didn't take long to realize the second one was only slightly better. When the waitress came back and asked I mentioned it had the same texture. Instead of going for try number 3 I asked if we could just remove it. After a short comment she gave me how that's how it should be she did remove it from the bill. It did seem that they are adding cinnamon or something that tasted like it. And perhaps that's what kept it from getting too crispy. Last note the menu description on their website vs physical menu is different. I would still come back to retry but not for breakfast.
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