Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

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6402 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406, USA

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High Review

Great staff, great food. Fresh n hot. Awesome service. Colleen and everyone are very friendly and welcoming. Thank you for the awesome dinner tonight.
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Low Review

The worst service in Tacoma. As we came from towers from a recommendation, we Try and order three meals. With the first, due to either associate talking or that along with the poor quality of mic/speaker setup, she is asking "size." When I reply regarding/med, she gets rude and asserts, "I side side, like..." And lists all them condescendingly. After getting through that astonishing treatment, she asks the drink I read told her would be a coke. Then she confirms Sprite and asks if there's anything else. After having to correct her, she confirms Sprite again and reiterates. The next two orders were just as horrendous as attitude and ignorance were flying out if the speaker. The family agreed to check bags before leaving obviously. Which was good, for there was a biscuit, the BBQ sauce she confirmed for the tender meal, and two sporks missing. While sitting there a few minutes, she finally comes back and acknowledged us. When telling her, she was rude and went to her manager. Come back and says there in there, my manager confirmed she put them both in there and went to shut the window as I was attempting to hand her the bags for her to show me. Now the manager came over to chastise us. Appalled at the manager, I asked then for at least the BBQ we asked for the tender. She hands us "1" and leaves. We just waited the half hour drive home to eat our sides with our own forks. So, please save yourself the pain of going to this ghetto ran establishment, and enjoy real chicken fast food at Chick-fil-A...
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