Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

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6402 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406, USA

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High Review

Really good food and a good price. Serve time was quick and cashier was super friendly. Very kind and got our orders right. Give them a 10 for good service.
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Low Review

Went here today to try the chicken sandwich. Well, this particular location had provided poor product in the past and we hadn't been back there in almost a year. Not sure what I was thinking...(I wasn't). The jury is still out on the sandwich, as mine did not have any dressing, sauce or mayo and pickle(s). That thing was sooo dry!! I will try it again, but definitely not from this location. Note to GPS; "Steer clear of the 6th Ave Popeyes location." 3-4-20...Well it's been 6mos or longer, since I've gone back to this location. My gf went there today to pick up dinner. When she returned home, you guessed it...JACKED UP!.. Again!! She ordered Mac&cheese, which never made it into the order (bag). The beans/rice and chicken were extremely dry (overdone). And not sure where the phantom potatoes and gravy came from (clearly not what was ordered). Hey, I tried...I don't like posting negative reviews, but this place is a HOT MESS! Oh, and did I mention...there was a "can you pull forward and well bring your order out"...(15min wait) in there somewhere as well. Not promising anything, but I may try back in another 6mos or so..., or not
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  • schedule Monday : 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
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