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8520 Steilacoom Blvd SW Ste. 100, Lakewood, WA 98498, USA

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High Review

Had a nice solid sandwich from here. Fresh ingredients and well put together, did not fall apart while I ate it even though it was loaded. They also deliver and have a drive through. My go to Sandwich shop.
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Low Review

For catering, ORDER FROM SUBWAY OR JERSEY MIKES! We ordered three platters of sandwiches from Jimmy Johns (and asked that lettuce and tomatoes be put on the side), which came to $181. This was for a funeral reception being held at Mountain View in Lakewood to feed 60 people. The meat on the sandwiches was very stingy, I repeat, VERY STINGY and embarrassing. When I opened my sandwich, there was literally 1/2 piece of meat on it. The meat on the catered sandwiches was in no way how we have been used to when we order individual subs, or how it's portrayed in photos. Many people were commenting on how there was hardly any meat on the sandwiches. What were we supposed to do---we were at a funeral reception and could not do anything about it. I called and spoke to the manager this week, and kindly let her know exactly what happened. She said all they could do was offer a 20% off on our next order. I would have been happy to receive a partial refund, or even a Jimmy Johns' gift card for as little as $20, to show that they're trying to make up for it. But no, a 20% discount off a future order that won't happen, as we live in Auburn, and were only in Lakewood for the funeral. I guess the "Satisfaction Guarantee" is NOT a motto this store stands for.
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