Pablo Bistro

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119 LP Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


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High Review

Must to eat place in my list now. Steak is fresh & Tapas is tasting & Paella is best! Love the environment quite classic!
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Low Review

One thing about Pablo bistro is that when one is looking for a quiet place to go to when all the other places on the area, Legaspi village, are full and crowded, it seems that Pablo bistro offers that; peace and quiet. The place is basically the defacto coffee shop for the adjoining hotel so people tend to think it's for hotel guests only and that the perception may be that the price is high compared to the other places. But looking at the menu, prices can be considered above moderate but not exorbitant and there is a Street entrance so the public is open to come in. There is a bar there so they do have a good selection of spirits and wine. The place is as mentioned quiet and spacious so one can talk and discuss without being distracted by adjoining guests. It is neat and clean with natural light coming on from the street. It does give off that relaxing feel of being sheltered from the traffic and heat outside. The place is nice and cool and perfect to get away from the city heat for coffee, dinner, lunch or snacks. Service is also top notch with servers being cheerful, fast and always helpful. All in all the , the place is a good place for a quick bite or get together with friends or family. The food selection is ok but the price is a tad above moderate which given the service and variety is acceptable.
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