Palm Court Grill Restaurant

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10 S Post St B, Spokane, WA 99201, USA


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High Review

We went for small plates and drinks. We sat in the foyer with the big chairs in front of the fireplace to enjoy the setting of this hotel, it really is a beautiful place. My son got their ice cream sundae and enjoyed it, my wife got their peanut brittle martini which she enjoyed very much and I got their French Onion Soup. This is at least the 3rd time visiting and I always get the FO soup, it's that good. I'd highly recommend stopping in while in downtown.
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Low Review

My ladies group of seven have an annual Christmas luncheon. We made our reservation weeks ago and specified we wanted a table out in the open decorated area. We were told no problem with that . We arrived early and checked in and were told to expect our table a little later because everyone was staying longer. We had no problem and again expressed our choice to dine out in the open area. We were called about 45 minutes past our reservation time. Then we were told no they were sitting another party with eight there. An argument seemed to be happening at the hostess stand. We then were called and taken into the very back corner of the restaurant and given a booth and small two top table. Five place settings on the booth where only four of us could barely fit. I had to get forceful to get anyone to bring two extra chairs so we could squeeze in. It was very uncomfortable. We ordered and it took over an hour to get our food. After all that the meals each costing around $25 were really poor quality. My one friend who ordered a salad and added chicken got a plate piled with lettuce and barely anything else and a drizzle of dressing. My open faced crab sandwich was two crostini with a small amount of crab and melted cheese and a salad that was just lettuce and two cherry tomatoes. I couldn’t even taste the dressing. By far the worst luncheon my group has had in 21 years together. I was under the impression The Davenport was considered higher standard than others. It seems to be a facade for average at prices for much better.
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