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17 Boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Châteauguay, QC J6J 3H5, Canada

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High Review

I have been going to this "Zellers" location for many years . Its incredible how hard the employees work here . They are always so friendly and quick and efficient to serve you the best they can . I am always amazed how FAST you get your order hot and fresh through the drive-through even when its packed full of cars ! I never had any issues at this location . Excellent food and super friendly efficient service . Maybe certain others here with negative reviews are just not happy with their lives and attack the innocent young employees who most likely are students working very hard doing their best to survive in this harsh world ? This location is EXTREMELY BUSY and I see how hard they work to please their customers . I'm very impressed by their top quality service .
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Low Review

The worst tim i ever been, specialy in the night the waiting time it's minimum 8mn probably they are missing employees. They always mess up the orders
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