Hossein's Persian Kebab

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2nd floor, LKV Building, Makati Ave, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines


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High Review

Clean and comfy, noble restaurant. A large variety of food to choose from the menu. Loved it!
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Low Review

It's sad that this is supposed to be the best "Persian" restaurant in the Philippines. I am Persian and I can tell you that the food was rancid. I came here when it wasn't busy at all. At least 3 people were working in the restaurant, yet nobody cared to greet me. That was a red flag no matter how much the chef was boasting about his restaurant in different food review articles and awards he had received as the best chef. So I did have very high expectations. I decided to order chelo Kabab soltani (1 barg + 1 koubideh) and plain "homemade" yogurt. I was served saffron rice without any butter. The meat came without any sumac nor raw onions (Persian style) which to me is a total deal breaker! How could you serve Kabab without the raw onions? I naturally asked for these basic side dishes and by the time they brought it, the food had already gotten cold. The onions were also cut in thin slices which is NOT how it's supposed to be if it's a Persian dish. The onions must be cut into big chunks. Not slices. But I was hungry so I didn't mind, although it was unprofessional. Kabab Barg is supposed to be thin, tender and moist - instead mine was served chunky, greasy and thick, all drenched in oil. The butter that I asked for did not taste like butter but rather like a cheap substitute. I can bet my life it wasn't butter. The kobideh tasted nasty. I couldn't eat it. There were chunks of onions in it! How on Earth did that happen? The onion is supposed to be grated, almost liquified! You're not supposed to feel the onion. Maybe that's the Arabic way of preparing kababs, who knows? The only delicious part of my meal was the Persian homemade yoghurt. It reminded me of my mother's homemade yoghurt. It was really delicious eating the yoghurt together with Sumac seasoned rice. Any restaurant that tries to do Middle Eastern (Arabic + Levantine), Greek, Turkish, Persian and Indian cuisine all at once is doing it all wrong. So why lump in completely different cuisines into the same dish? Persian cusine is quite different from "Arabian", Levantine and Eastern Mediterranean cuisines. Why this unnecessary categorization? For example, houmus and falafel are not Persian. I repeat: HOUMUS AND FALAFEL ARE NOT PART OF PERSIAN CUISINE. Yet this place makes it acceptable - In other words, it's making people believe that Persians eat couscous or that houmus is Persian too. Also Mast-o-Khiar is NOT the same as the Greek Tzaziki! Just because it's mixed with cucumber doesn't mean it's the same dish. Mast-o-Khiar is more liquid, sour and minty whereas Tzaziki is garlicky, creamy and made out of strained yoghurt. Also Tzaziki doesn't go well with Persian rice because it's too stiff. Anyways, it wasn't good at all. The one star is for the yoghurt.
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