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407 E 5th St, Des Moines, IA 50309, USA

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High Review

Totally addicted to the food. Especially the gluten-free and dairy free options. They are also vegan friendly! Improvements to the interior would go a long way to bring in new business but overall the service is extremely fast and friendly and the food is out of this world!
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Low Review

This place is so dirty and decrepit that it makes the downtown Burger King look like a 5-star restaurant. I don't usually care too much about decor but I felt like I was at a failing business. They don't take your dishes when you're done. It seems like pretty much every restaurant that isn't a chain does this nowadays, it would be a nice touch that takes pretty much no effort from your workers. The tacos I tried were edible but very forgettable. Just bland meat with cabbage piled on top of them and a corn tortilla that splits in half. The tacos at Taco Hangover are more well-put together and have more sensible combinations. The menu being a small piece of paper on a glass pane is just cheap. From the pictures it appears that this place DID have a wall menu at one point. Too lazy to put it back up? This restaurant isn't 1-star bad but I really can't see it surviving if it keeps going like this. The food isn't nearly good enough to justify the experience.
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