House of Hong Restaurant

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409 8th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

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High Review

I love The House of Hong not just because it has a great name. It's not the food because I have never eaten there. My guess would be Chinese food. Part of it is that ai git a really great tip after delivering an order from their in my bicycle. Come to think of it this place is odd . Always empty and it's huge n and always the same two people working. A man and a women that for some reason makes me feel like I'm in a spaghetti Western . Either one of the two people that work their and the one customer that lives there could draw on me at any moment. I love House of Hong restaurant
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Low Review

The three stars are mostly for the food. Besides the duck being cold and over-salted, the food was good, and the prices and portions were fair. They recommended we make reservations, so we did. Upon our arrival, we were ignored. When I finally flagged the manager down to ask directions to the restrooms, he asked if we had reservations and then showed our party to a small booth near the kitchen door, forgetting that I had asked for directions in the first place. Looking around, we noticed we were one of only three tables dining there at the time. It stayed that way the entire time we dined, save for two couples coming in for some quick dim-sum. I'm still wondering why they insisted that we made reservations. The service was fair, but they were preparing for some sort of large party, therefore noisily setting the big tables for the party was their priority. I felt the bars of Irish Spring soap in the urinals was a little bit cheap and tacky. I won't avoid this place in the future, but I most definitely will not go out of my way to visit again.
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