Dickey's Barbecue Pit

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8425 S Hosmer St #106, Tacoma, WA 98444, USA

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High Review

Friendly staff. Freshly prepared food. Delicious. Bonus Free ice cream! Go when kids eat free for best deal. Plus, Gotta love Those unique yellow cups. Bring your ID on your B-day for a free big one! Sweet.
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Low Review

When we got there had to shout hello to get the attention of the only employee who was working, he was in the back. Service was slow do to only one staff member. Needed napkins none in dispenser on table, checked surrounding tables, it took nine tries to find any napkins. Saw a mouse running back and forth in front of the fire place, had to go to the door to the back to tell the only employee that a mouse was running around in the dining area. The employee said "oh it's back". I asked what do you mean by that, I was told it has been an ongoing problem for ten months. I have to wonder how is the food storage area if a mouse is bold enough to run around in the dining area. But the biggest a front to my family was that the ice cream machine was inoperative. When asked about that was told that the boss would not let them put it back together. There was no sign on it just a skeleton of an ice cream machine. Do not foresee going back to Dickys.
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