Metronome Coffee

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3518 6th Ave Meeting Room, Tacoma, WA 98406, USA

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High Review

I came to this place 3 days before they closed. Amazing shop. I don’t live in Tacoma but it’s sad to see an independent coffee shop close regardless, especially one with such a cool, inviting space. Great staff, and the coffee was delicious!
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Low Review

This coffee shop has some really interesting drinks that I want to come back and try. We got a couple of cappuccinos and a turmeric ginger drink. I can tell that the staff really care about crafting good tasting drinks because as we left the barista asked what I thought about our drinks and if they could be improved. Definitely check this place out if you want some good quality coffee or if you want a non alcoholic non caffeinated drink that isn’t boring or overly sweet.
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