Metronome Coffee

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3518 6th Ave Meeting Room, Tacoma, WA 98406, USA

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High Review

I came to this place 3 days before they closed. Amazing shop. I don’t live in Tacoma but it’s sad to see an independent coffee shop close regardless, especially one with such a cool, inviting space. Great staff, and the coffee was delicious!
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Low Review

What once was...... this used to be a wonderful stop for good consistent coffee, unfortunately no more :( I ordered my regular drink, a double espresso. When I received my drink the demitasse was ice cold which made the espresso cold, absolutely zero crema on the espresso. This drink is very simple looking but is the staple for quality. It saddens me to think this will be a coffee shop of the past. Regarding the response posted. It's a thing of the past for me because yes, I do value my opinion and taste buds. If you're introducing a cold brew espresso, more power to you.
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