It's Greek to Me

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1702 S 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405, USA

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High Review

I have eaten at this particular restaurant for several years. Even before they moved to their current location. Several items off their menu I have eaten but always go back to the gyros. The bbq gyro and Greek fries is great meal and with the healthy portion of the fries, there can always be sharing or saving some for later.
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Low Review

Usually when we eat here we order the same thing (Gyro, Fries & Drink) but today we decided to order something different (Lamb kabob appetizer and Greek fries) with two gyro meals, well the Greek Fries was delicious but the kabob was VERY SALTY and the lamb pieces were cut uneven (very LARGE) of which made it very hard when biting into and was not tender AT ALL and the presentation was awful. The kabob looked and tasted like it was steamed rather than grilled (Never ate a lamb kabob that was cooked like that, don't know how it was cooked but we've eaten at different Greek restaurants in the U.S and in Canada and NEVER had it like this)...very disappointed. Posted a picture of the lamb kabob off the stick but I'm giving them 3 stars because their Americanized gyros are good, NOT the best but good for a quick bite for something different than a burger. Now I'm scared to order anything else off the menu than the basic gyro meal considering we paid over $40 for something different and was disappointed.
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